Media Fees & Fines

Late fees & fines

Media Services charges fines per hour, or part thereof, for all overdue equipment and videos. Fines begin to accrue 1 hour past due return time.

Item Type Per Item Maximum Per Item
Equipment Loans
(48 hours)

$2.00 /hour

$24.00 /day

Computer & Projection Equipment
(5 hours max)

$2.00 /hour

 $50.00 /if kept overnight
Equipment Replacement
(failure to return within
10 business days)

Current market cost
+ taxes
+ handling fees

Media Services Borrowers Agreement (full-text)


Paying Library Fines

Library fines can be paid at the Access Services desk directly across from Media Services, either in cash, debit card, credit card or by using money that is loaded on a FANcard or flex card.

Equipment Failure

Equipment failure is a normal consequence of equipment use. Borrowers must report any problems with equipment to Media Services. Normal repair costs will be covered by the college. Charges will occur for any damages resulting from repair attempts made by anyone other than Media Services Maintenance staff.

Missing Parts/Accessories

When equipment is returned and pieces are missing, all returned equipment will be checked in. The missing pieces will be added to the original check-out with a return time of 24 hours, before fines begin to accrue.

Lost or Damaged Items

Material lost or damaged will be replaced/repaired at the expense of the borrower. The material will be replaced at the current market value, plus taxes and handling charges.

The unauthorized removal of and/or malicious damage to Media Services materials or equipment will result in the loss of library privileges, the charging of replacement and processing costs of the item, and/or prosecution.