Media Services FAQs

Library and Media Services physical location is currently closed.

We will continue to be Here For You virtually until we re-open. Visit our library update page here.

I forgot my student card.  Can I still check out equipment or a video?

  • Yes, you can.  Photo ID such as a driver’s license, health card or passport can be used.

I need to pay a library fine.

  • Library fines can be paid at the Access Services desk directly across from Media Services, either in cash, debit card, credit card or by using money that is on the student card or a flex card.

I’ve forgotten/misplaced a piece of the equipment I borrowed. Will I be charged a fee?

  • It is understood that pieces may be forgotten when returning equipment. We will return your items and checkout to you the missing parts/accessories. You will have 24 hours to return the item(s) before fines will begin to accrue. If the equipment has already been booked, or you cannot find it, you will be assessed a fine/fee.

Where can I search for videos?

  • You can find a video by searching the Fanshawe College Library Catalogue. The best way to search for Campus Only videos is to limit the search criteria by selecting “Media Services Software” from the “Location” drop-down menu on the main search page. To search for the Home Use Collection, limit the search criteria by selecting “Home Use DVD/Blu-Ray–Mezzanine” from the “Location” drop-down menu on the main search page.

I have a movie at home, can I bring it in to show in class, or in the Library?

  • If the copy of the movie that you have at home is not an illegal or infringing copy, meaning that it is a legitimate copy of the movie that was purchased from an authorized retailer, then yes, you can show it in class or in the library. If the legitimate copy of a movie that you’d like to show displays a ‘home use only’ warning or label, you can still show it to students in the classroom as long as it’s being shown for education or training purposes and not entertainment purposes.

Can I borrow a video and watch it at home?

  • Only those videos in our Home Use Collection may be taken home and viewed. All other videos must be watched in the library or may be taken to a classroom for teaching/presentation purposes.

Where can I watch a video?

  • Videos can be watched in one of the three screening rooms (A, B, or C) or in a screening carrel in the library.

I have lost personal property in the library.

  • If you have lost a personal item in the library, you can check at the Access Services desk to see if it has been turned in. Items are kept for a short time only, then are turned over to the Security Control Centre located in D1027.

A block has been placed on my library account.  What does this mean?

  • If a block has been placed on your library account, it means you have an item overdue or you have unpaid fines totaling $5.00 or more. The block will be removed when the item is returned and the fine isn’t over $5.00, or when you pay your total fine below $5.00.

Can I have an extension on my equipment?

  • Yes, but only if the equipment is not booked by another borrower. Also, you must ask for the extension before the date and time it is due. If it is overdue, an extension will not be granted. To ask for an extension you may call Media Services at 519-452-4241 or come to the Media Services desk. Do not assume you will receive an extension, as the equipment may be booked by another borrower.

What can I do if I’m having problems with iMovie?