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Fanshawe College username & password may be required for some video sources:

Criterion on Demand (CoD)

  • Criterion on Demand is “an on-line digital delivery feature film platform” which “provides easy access to educationally relevant feature films used in Canadian Higher Education Institutions.” PLEASE NOTE: “Microsoft Silverlight player is required to view films in most browsers, with the exception of Chrome”

Curio canadian-content-maple-leaf

  • “ is CBC and Radio-Canada’s online streaming service for high-quality, Canadian digital learning resources in English and French”


  • “Ed.flicks is a collection of high quality childhood education training videos covering topics such as child development, challenging behaviors, childhood obesity and caring for infants & toddlers”

Film Platform Streaming

  • Film Platform serves as a bridge between academia and documentary film, bringing students and professors the most relevant and highly regarded films from the festival circuit.

Films on Demand

  • Access a growing collection of videos.

Films on Demand – Nursing Video Collection

  • “This collection is designed to help nursing students excel in their studies and to prepare them for long-term job success in an increasingly complex health care system. Also, the collection features videos covering nursing skills, patient care, nursing foundations and diseases, disorders & disabilities.”

Kanopy kanopy_owl

  • Access a growing collection of award-winning documentaries, classic feature films, and Mosby’s Nursing Skills Videos Online Training Library

  • Develop your software, business, technology, and creative skills with videos and courses taught by industry experts. Covers Microsoft Office, Photoshop, computer programming, job skills, and so much more!

McIntyre Media

  • Access a continually growing collection of fantastic programs from award winning producers, including the BBC and Films Media Group. McIntyre is one of the most highly respected companies in the educational media market in Canada.

McNabb Connolly canadian-content-maple-leaf

  • Access streaming videos from various producers including: BBC, Bullfrog Films, Canadian Productions & Video Project Releases.

Mosby’s Nursing Assistant Skills 4.0

  • “With live-action demonstrations of standard procedures performed by actual nursing assistants, each video demonstrates how to perform a specific skill in a step-by-step format, according to the most current nurse assisting practice.”

Mosby’s Nursing Skills Videos

NAIT’s Aboriginal Awareness Video Collection

  • “The videos in this collection were created as part of an Aboriginal Awareness course offered through NAIT, and they explore the immense wisdom, experiences, and history of Aboriginal peoples. The wisdom of the Elders expressed in these beautiful videos is invaluable, and for that reason they have now been made more widely available. They are licensed with a Creative Commons BY 4.0 license – please enjoy and share.”

NFB (National Film Board) canadian-content-maple-leaf

  • “The best Canadian destination for point-of-view documentaries, animation films, interactive projects and Canadian films.”


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