Lambton College Visit

The staff in Library & Media Services at Fanshawe College welcomed the staff from the Library Resource Centre at Lambton College for the morning on Thursday, June 29th. It was a great opportunity for the teams to share and discuss processes and services that help students, staff and faculty at our respective colleges. Great contacts were made and the LMS team at Fanshawe is looking forward to a possible visit to Lambton in the future.


Back Row (Left to Right): Kathi Vandenheuvel (LC), Tim Pearce (LC), Melanie MacKenzie (LC), Nicole DeFreitas (LC), Dawn Gratton (FC), Tammy Pulinec (FC), Donna Sevenpifer (FC), Romeo Beaulieu (FC), Karla Van Kessel (FC).
Front Row (Left to Right): Angela Ashton (LC), Steph Black (LC), Michael Clark (LC), Erin Williams (FC), Paula Parlette (FC).