Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

In order to make library collections more accessible to patrons with print disabilities, the Library Learning Commons facilitates access to the Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE). 

The ACE Portal is an accessible text repository containing electronic books in 5 different accessible formats. This initiative exists to help improve access to library materials.

For course materials and textbooks, contact Counselling and Accessibility Services.

If you are a student or faculty member with a print disability, you may request an item from our library be provided to you in an alternate format. We will do our best to find a copy in the digital repository or submit a request to digitize that item.

For more information, visit the Accessible Content E-Portal website.

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) Educator Access


CELA is the Centre for Equitable Library Access.  CELA is a non-profit organization that provides books in alternative formats to people with print disabilities.  There are several service choices including DAISY text, DAISY audiobooks, and Braille.

All you need to access CELA’s Bookshare collection is a public library card. Sign up for a London Public Library card for free online or in person with proof of a London address.

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