Book a Study Space

Bookable Study Spaces

Students may book study spaces in the Library Learning Commons (F1066), A2020 homework lab, and in specially marked classrooms throughout the College. See the descriptions below for more details.

  • Maximum time is 2 hours per day per student/group.
  • Spaces can be reserved up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • A FanshaweOnline email is required for booking.
  • Check your FanshaweOnline email for confirmation details.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended at any time.

Library (F1066) Study Spaces

Study in our new library space. Most study spaces are accessible and close to staff who can help.

Study SpaceCapacityOutletMonitorWhiteboardCubicleEnclosedHeight-Adjustable Table
LLC #1 to 44
LLC #5 to 94
LLC #104
LLC #116
LLC #12 to 144
LLC Study Pod #14
LLC Study Pod #22

A2020 Computer Lab Study Spaces

A2020 study spaces are great for larger group work or for those who want a quieter place to study.

Study SpaceCapacityOutletMonitorWhiteboardCubicleEnclosedHeight-Adjustable Table

College Classroom Study Spaces

These classroom study spaces are great for collaborative group work. Each classroom contains dividers to split the rooms and the divisions are numbered.

Study SpaceCapacityOutletMonitorWhiteboardCubicleEnclosedHeight-Adjustable TableDrafting Tables