Before Your Course Ends…

Access to FOL course sites is to be restricted to the faculty member who facilitated the course within 30 days of the final marks being released.

Prior to restricting access, consider the content within the course site:

  • Ensure that content used in Presentation Slides is properly cited – properly cited Presentation Slides can remain within FOL.
  • Publisher-Issued Presentation Slides can stay within FOL if the matching textbook will be used again.
  • Digital Handouts that adhere to the Fair Dealing Guidelines (single chapter/article/portion up to 10% of a copyright-protected work + citation) can stay within FOL.
  • Links and hyperlinks to publicly available online content can stay within FOL.
  • Persistent links to content from library e-resources can stay within FOL.
  • Faculty-Created Content can stay within FOL.
  • College-Owned Content can stay within FOL.
  • Permission-granted and licensed content can stay within FOL pending the terms of the license.

Guidelines for Complying with the 30 Day Rule are available here.

Anything that is not properly cited or that does not adhere to the Fair Dealing Guidelines must be removed from FOL within 30 days of the course’s final marks being released.