Fair Dealing for Students

As a student, much of how you use copyright-protected works will be covered by Fair Dealing as outlined in Section 29 of the Copyright Act.

When you’re photocopying, posting to FanshaweOnline, and creating handouts and presentation slides, keep in mind that you should refrain from reproducing substantial portions of works.

When it comes to digital imagery and online content, check to make sure that the images and content are not accompanied by clearly visible copyright notices that prohibits educational use and that they’re not watermarked or in any way digitally locked.

Also, always remember to cite the content creator and the source of the content whenever you make use or refer to content.

Here are some things to consider when determining how fair your use of a copyright-protected work is:

1. Are you using the copyright-protected work for one of the following purposes: research, private study, criticism, review, education, news reporting, parody, or satire?

2. How are you using the copyright-protected work?

3. How much of the copyright-protected work are you using?

4. Are there any alternatives available that you could use instead of the copyright-protected work?

5. How is the copyright-protected work intended to be used?

6. Could your use of the copyright-protected work negatively effect its integrity or market value?