Fanshawe’s Copyright Management System

The Copyright Management System is a service in which faculty and staff can submit copyright-protected content (or materials that include copyright-protected content) so that it can be screened and cleared by the Copyright Services Office for use.

Information on how to use the Copyright Management System and instructions for submitting clearance requests for excerpts from books and periodicals, online content, coursepacks, and faculty-created content are available through the following pdf documents:

The purpose of the Copyright Management System is three-fold:

  • To clear content before it is posted to FOL,
  • To manage the 30 Day Rule for faculty, and
  • To act as a database of information relating to course content. In an audit or survey situation, the database would be audited instead of individual FOL course sites.

The following categories of content can be submitted to the Copyright Management System:

  • Handouts that adhere to the Fair Dealing Guidelines (single chapter/article/portion up to 10% of a copyright-protected work + citation).
  • Content that may or may not adhere to the Fair Dealing Guidelines.
  • Content that exceeds the limits outlined in the Fair Dealing Guidelines.
  • Content for which permission is or may be required.
  • Any content for which faculty are unsure about in relation to the Fair Dealing Guidelines or the permission process.
  • Any content for which faculty would like the 30 Day Rule managed for them.