What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal mechanism that protects the Moral and Economic Rights of Content Creators in association with their Works. In Canada, copyright protection generally lasts for 50 years after the death of the Content Creator. When this period of time lapses, the work enters into the public domain and its use is free and unrestricted.

The term ‘Content Creator’ refers to authors, artists, musicians, performers, photographers, movie and music producers, etc.

The term ‘Works’ refers to artistic, dramatic, literary, and musical works as well as sound recordings, performers’ performances, and broadcast signals.

Moral Rights

Content Creators have the right to protect their reputations and the integrity of their Works.


Economic Rights

Content Creators have the right to exploit the economic potential of their Works by controlling how their Works are used.


Failure to respect Moral Rights and the exercising of any Economic Rights without the authorization of the Content Creator would constitute copyright infringement.