Course Reserves

Items placed on Course Reserve by a faculty member can be found at the Library Learning Commons desk. Please see staff for assistance and to borrow a Reserve item.

What are Course Reserves?

  • Course Reserves allow instructors to distribute supplementary reading materials while following copyright requirements
  • Shorter loan periods enable fair and equal access to high-demand materials
  • Loan periods for all reserves are 5 hours
  • Up to 3 reserves may be checked out at the same time

How to Find Course Reserves

  • Search for course reserve in Page 1+ (select the filter for ‘Held by Library’ under ‘Availability’)
  • Find the call number (one of two formats)
  • Regular call number, e.g., HM716 .B56 2005
  • Reserves call number, e.g., XB0103
  •  At the Library Learning Commons desk, give staff this unique call number to locate the item
  • Use your FANcard to borrow the Course Reserve (loan period specified on the item)

Fill out a Course Reserve form online and bring your published work to the desk in the Library Learning Commons (F1066).

If there is an identical copy in the Library collection of the faculty’s copy, it will be pulled from the collection and put on Course Reserve. It takes 2 to 3 days to process the items. If the item is faculty-owned, there will be some minor changes made to it like the addition of a book pocket, labeling etc.

Up to 3 copies of an item will be placed on Course Reserve.

No Fanshawe owned periodicals will be put on Course Reserve.  An article can be photocopied and placed on Course Reserve.

See “Fair Dealing – Reserves” information for additional requirements when placing copies of published works on Reserve.

Reserves allow faculty to distribute materials while following copyright requirements.

Reserves allow for shorter loan periods to enable fair and equal access to high demand materials.

One paper copy for each 30 students in a course of instruction up to a maximum of 3 may be made for library reserve, subject to the following:

(a) the paper copies are made by or at the request of a faculty member in respect of a specific course of instruction offered by the ACCC member institution;

(b) the paper copies are made as an optional and supplementary source of information for students and must be a small proportion (no more than 25 percent) of the required reading for a particular course, and the ACCC member institution’s library has received, from the faculty member requesting the copies, a written acknowledgement in paper or electronic form confirming that the copies are intended as an optional and supplementary source of information for students and that the copies amount to no more than 25 per cent of the required reading for the course;

(c) the use of library reserve must not substitute for the purchase of books, course packs or other published materials;

(d) prior to loaning the paper copy to a student, the library has received from the student a written acknowledgement in paper or electronic form that he or she is a student enrolled in a course of instruction at the ACCC member institution, that the student requires the copy for research, private study, review, criticism or news reporting, and that the student will not use the copy for any other purposes;

(e) where the student requires the copy for review, criticism or news reporting, the library advises the student that, in using the copy for any of those purposes, the student mentions:

(i) the source; and

(ii) if given in the source, the name of the author of the work;

(f) the paper copy is loaned to the student for a period of limited duration;

(g) the paper copy is destroyed within a reasonable time once the course of instruction or series of courses it pertains to comes to an end; and

(h) where the purpose of making the paper copy is to use it to make an electronic copy for library reserve, the paper copy is promptly destroyed after the electronic copy is made.

(From the Association of Canadian Colleges Fair Dealing Policy.  Contained within the College Policy 1-I-01Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader Use of Copyrighted Material)


Course Reserves that are 7 days overdue are declared lost and are billed for replacement. Items declared lost are invoiced a $125 default replacement charge.

For more information regarding charges and policies, visit the Library Learning Commons’ Loan Policies page.

Place Materials on Course Reserve