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It Takes a Village to Change the Way We Think About Learning

Discover a place that welcomes all and is student-focused. Innovation Village is a physical and virtual hub where industry, community partners, faculty, and students can co-create and solve complex challenges in the heart of Fanshawe’s London Campus. 

It includes collaborative workspaces, experiential reality, multimedia labs, a Makerspace, project rooms, research support, cutting-edge equipment, and much more. We are reimagining learning, leading through innovation and shaping skilled graduates for the future.

Exterior view of the entrance to Innovation Village

Village Spaces

Collaborative spaces encourage:

  • Group work.
  • Frequent and energetic conversation.
  • Cell phone calls and virtual meetings at a normal volume.

In quiet spaces:

  • Occasional quiet conversations are okay.
  • Brief, quiet cell phone conversations are okay.
  • Headphone volume should be at a personal listening level.
  • For virtual meetings: use headphones and speak quietly.

Meeting Places (IV #1-12)

F2034, F2036, F2038, F2039, F2041, F2045, F2047, F2049, F2055, F2057, F2059, L2005

Bookable by Students

Innovation Village is home to twelve spacious, fully accessible, bookable meeting rooms. With a priority for student usage, these rooms are ideal for group study, collaborations, small presentations, and project creation. Innovation Village’s Meeting Places draw inspiration from Indigenous stories and nature, with colours representing the changing seasons.

Activities: Individual study and group collaboration

Capacity: 4-8 seats per room

Features: Accessible; available 24/7; outfitted with a table and 4-8 chairs, TV monitor with camera, and glass writing surfaces

Noise Level: Collaborative

Creation Stations

F1032, F1033, F1034, F1036

Bookable by Students

Bookable by Faculty & Staff

Discover new ways of learning and project creation by accessing Innovation Village’s Creation Stations. These four, self-serve media rooms are available for students to book for projects requiring equipment and media usage. Need to create a podcast for a school assignment, photograph a product, or edit a video? Visit the tech lab down the hall to sign out your equipment needs.

Activities: Video editing, podcasting, photography

Capacity: 2-4 people per room

Features: Acoustic wall paneling; pull-down backdrop screens; digital screen with camera

Noise Level: Collaborative

Canada Life Village Square

F1027 / F1029

Bookable by Faculty & Staff

The Canada Life Village Square is a stunning two-storey, light-filled event space within the heart of Innovation Village where people can come together, exchange ideas, tell stories, and learn from one another. The Canada Life Village Square is an ideal meeting space for students, staff, and community partners. This versatile venue is perfect for a range of events, from exhibitions and seminars to theater presentations and marketplaces. 


Activities: Meetings and special events

Capacity: Up to 196 seats using both sides. Please note, the current set up of the Canada Life Village Square includes: 8 moveable tables (5 ft. each), 12 regular chairs + 4 high-top chairs, 2 high-top serving tables, 6 club chairs, 4 stools, 2 podiums, and 2 couches. There are 116 retractable, theatre-style seats available. If extra chairs or tables are required, or require furniture to be moved, please submit a work order through Archibus.

Features: Retractable seating; NanaWall moveable glass walls; Skyfold wall; built-in presentation technology; flexible furniture

Noise Level: Collaborative

Collaboration Spaces A & B

F2063, F2067

Bookable by Faculty & Staff

Two classroom spaces are available in Innovation Village. These spaces are an opportunity to teach and learn in a flexible, multi-use space. The Collaboration Spaces can be found on the second floor and have the option to be one large classroom space (80 seats) or divided into two separate classrooms (40 seats each). This is an ideal space for capstone projects, classroom events, and student presentations.

Activities: Meetings, special events, and student presentations

Capacity: 80 seats total, 40 seats on each side

Features: Adjacent servery for catered events with storage and a refrigerator; TV monitors; A/V podiums on each side; glass whiteboards; flexible furniture; minimum 10 people required to book

Noise Level: Collaborative

The Ideas Loft


Bookable by Faculty & Staff

Let your next big idea come to life in the Ideas Loft. The Ideas Loft is a multi-use, flexible space that is filled with natural light and natural wood features. It can be re-configured in a few different ways to meet your needs for your next meeting, presentation, partner discussion, group project, or smaller-scale activity.

Activities: Meetings, group work, and presentations

Capacity: 16+ seats and bench seating

Features: Wall-mounted TV monitor with HDMI cable; flexible furniture, including bench seating; countertop serving area

Noise Level: Collaborative

The Pitch Space


Bookable by Faculty & Staff

The Pitch Space will be crucial to our students’ Signature Innovative Learning Experiences (SILEx) focusing on live client interactions. Located on the second floor of Innovation Village, this is an ideal location for internal and external partners to come together and engage in collaborative presentations, workshops, and events with the Fanshawe College community.  Programs within Fanshawe College will be able to use this professionally outfitted pitch room during key points within their coursework, including capstone project presentations, pitch competitions, and community collaborative projects.

Activities: Presentations, workshops, and events

Capacity: 16 seats

Features: TV monitor; ceiling-mounted projector screen (projector cart loaned through Media Services); comfortable couches and chairs; serving area

Noise Level: Collaborative

The Studio




Get ready to show off what amazing things you can create. The studio is an open, collaborative workspace meant for Fanshawe students to create, build, and finish work.

Activities: Collaboration and creativity

Capacity: 14 seats

Features: 12 large, bookable project lockers; sink; workbench tables and stools; display railing

Noise Level: Collaborative

Diane Blake Center of Excellence in XR


Extended Reality (XR) blends the physical and virtual worlds with digital overlays that interact in real-time with real-life objects. Learners are inspired to discover these new and immersive technologies for themselves, and students will have an opportunity to learn by doing. This XR lab will be fully equipped with high-quality computer technology and software needed to ensure an intensely creative and fully immersive 3D experience. This space will serve as a program enrichment tool, bringing class assignments to life and bridging the gap between Fanshawe facilities and community projects.

Activities: Extended reality technologies (e.g., augmented reality, virtual reality) and animation

Capacity: 19 seats and additional standing room up to 40

Features: Controlled lighting and window treatment; soundproof; retractable grid for mounting lights, cameras, etc.; VR pods; 12×20′ white screen

Noise Level: Collaborative

The Lounge



This flexible area is primarily intended for student usage, ideal for group study and socializing. The Lounge is flooded with natural light and looks onto K Courtyard. It has been outfitted with a mix of communal worktables, clustered seating, and collaboration tables with monitors.

Activities: Studying and socializing

Capacity: 58 seats

Features: Two media tables with monitors; large windows; open, spacious area

Noise Level: Collaborative

The Kalihwíy̲o̲ Circle


Bookable by Faculty & Staff

The Kalihwíy̲o̲ Circle is a showpiece and gathering place nestled in the Library Learning Commons (LLC) of Innovation Village and is a tribute to Indigenous stories, ways of being, and beliefs. Kalihwíy̲o̲ is an Oneida word meaning ‘good message.’ This space has the capability to host workshops, summer camps, exhibitions, gatherings, smudging, pipe ceremonies, land-based learning and other special events.

Activities: Ceremonies, classes, gatherings, presentations, workshops, and special events

Capacity: 28 seats

Features: Built-in overhead projection and screen; ventilation for smudging and pipe ceremonies; circular configuration; doors open into exterior courtyard space

Noise Level: Collaborative

Forwell Hall (FSU)

L1011, L1012, L2013



Forwell Hall will be a hub of activity for students. When not acting as a student hangout space, this stunning two-storey, light-filled space provides flexibility to host events, including large presentations, concerts, and interactive marketplaces. With a built-in bar and adjacent washrooms, Forwell Hall can be closed off to host private licensed events. Both the north and south courtyards surround the hall providing the possibility to extend event space outdoors. To book this space contact Fanshawe Student Union (FSU).


Activities: Studying, socializing, events

Capacity: 150 seats (first floor), 50 seats (second floor), standing capacity of 250-300

Features: Portable stage, projection screen; available bar service; adjacent washrooms; second-floor Mezzanine

Noise Level: Collaborative

Library Learning Commons




Fanshawe’s Library has been reimagined as the Library Learning Commons (LLC). It includes a robust digital collection, a uniquely Indigenous approach, one-stop academic student support, and a forward-thinking approach to technology. The LLC also has multiple bookable meeting rooms available with an abundance of lounge space for students, along with The Kalihwíy̲o̲ Circle available to host events.

Activities: Individual and group study; events

Features: Open seating, computers, and bookable study spaces

Noise Level: Collaborative


F1058, F1061


The Makerspace complements college labs, allowing students to collaborate, create prototypes, and fabricate products for class or personal projects. Book the space for cross-disciplinary projects between schools, programs, or courses.

Activities: Cross-disciplinary projects

Capacity: 20 people (“clean”), 17 people (“dirty”)

Features: “Clean” Makerspace equipped with hand tools, 3D printers, and a laser cutter; “Dirty” Makerspace equipped with tools for woodworking, a band saw, and a drill press

Noise Level: Collaborative

Homework Huddle



The Homework Huddle is the go-to spot for independent and group study. Open 24/7, the Homework Huddle will contain a variety of furniture including group and individual tables, individual computer workstations (40), and printers for student use.

Activities: Independent and group study

Capacity: 120 seats, including 40 computer stations

Features: Computers and printers; soft seating; stand-up study carrels

Noise Level: Collaborative

Quiet Zone



Located on the second floor of Innovation Village, the Quiet Zone is open 24/7 and offers students the option to work in quiet and independent study.

Activities: Quiet and silent study

Capacity: 46 seats

Features: Acoustic paneling; height adjustable desks

Noise Level: Quiet

Research & Innovation Labs

F1048, F1050

The Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI) removes barriers to growth for emerging businesses through industry-driven applied research projects. CRI’s newest research centre, The Centre for Connected Building Technology, will be located within Innovation Village as embedded systems labs. These labs will support companies’ applied research needs using sensors and big data in the areas of building technology, manufacturing and agri-food. These labs are primarily used by CRI staff.

LEAP Junction



By appointment

Fanshawe’s premier centre for all things entrepreneurship provides the tools and support for students and alumni who are starting or running their own businesses. LEAP Junction will be outfitted with open office space to host workshops and other entrepreneurship-related events as well as 2 meeting rooms to meet with students for one one-on-one business consultation.

Activities: Business incubator, workshops, and events

Features: Meeting rooms; presentation space

Noise Level: Collaborative