Student Research Lab FAQs

I have a class in F building. Why can’t I leave the L Lab through these doors?

  • When the Library is open the door between the Student Research Lab and Library is unlocked. When the Library is open the doors to F building are alarmed and monitored by Campus Security Services.

Can I save my work to the computers and come back later to finish it?

  • Please do not save anything to the computers. Once you log off, any files saved to the computer will be erased and we are unable to recover them.Save anything that you are working on to a USB flash drive. You can also upload files to your FOL locker, or email them to yourself before logging off.

The MONO printer isn’t showing up on my computer, how can I print?

  • Save your work and restart the computer. We are not able to add the printer to your computer manually.

Can I print double sided?

  • You can print double sided in colour only!Double sided printing using the MONO printer is NOT AVAILABLE 

    Double sided printing is available on the 1st floor of the Library, or in F1000 or B1049 computer labs

I forgot my USB stick in the Lab yesterday, do you still have it?

  • Any items that left in the Lab are taken to the Lost and Found in Campus Security Services (Room D1027).Library staff are unable to return any items; please visit Room D1027 to claim your items.

Can I bring my coffee into the L Lab?

  • Yes! Lidded drinks are permitted throughout the Library, Student Research Lab and group study rooms.

Where can I plug in my laptop?

  • Use the orange electrical outlets next to the drafting tables.

Are snacks allowed in the group study rooms?

  • No, food is not permitted in the group study rooms or Student Research Lab.Food is permitted in the Library on the 1st floor mezzanine and on the 3rd floor.

What is the username and password for the computers?

  • It is your Fanshawe College username and password.

I don’t have a Fanshawe College username or password, can I still use the computers?

  • Visitors can use the computers during staffed hours.If you need guest access to the computers, please ask us at the Lab Help Desk. Photo ID must be presented for guest access.

Where is the black and white printer?

  • The black and white (MONO) printer is located to the right of the printing station. The colour printer is located to the left of the printing station.

Where is the closest photocopier?

  • The nearest photocopiers are on the 1st floor of the Library. If the Library is closed, there is a photocopier outside of the Print Shop (Room B1002).

Can I bring books into the L Lab during the day?

  • Yes we are part of the Library so you can bring your books into the Lab or group study rooms to work on your projects and assignments.

I’m working on a big project, can I leave my things in the Lab when you close?

  • When the Lab is cleared please take everything with you and exit into the Library. Anything left behind will be taken to the College Lost and Found in Room D1027 where it can be retrieved.

Swipe card access did not work last night. Why can’t I get in?

  • Eligible full-time students have 24/7 access to the Student Research Lab. If your student card did not work please visit the Registrar’s Office (Room E1012) to check your card.

Can I download software to the Lab computers?

  • No, downloading software to any Fanshawe computer is not allowed. Some software is only available in certain labs on campus.

Where can I scan?

  • We have a scanner available 24/7 in the Student Research Lab across from the Help Desk. There is also a larger scanner in the B1049 lab, and another scanner available on the 1st floor of the Library by the Research & Data Services desk.

Is Wi-Fi available?

  • Wireless access is available throughout the Student Research Lab, group study rooms and Library.The password to log on to the Fanshawe(students) network is “fanshawecollege” then enter your username and password.

The printer says it is paused, can I still print?

  • Yes, it means that your print job(s) have been sent to the printer and it is ready for you to swipe your card.