Open Champions

Open Educational Resources / Open Champions

The Fanshawe OER Design Studio would like to acknowledge and celebrate the following faculty, staff, and students for their outstanding contributions to open educational resources (OER) at Fanshawe College.

2022 Open Champions

The OER Design Studio would like to recognize the outstanding contributions of the 2022 Open Champions.

Lina Manuel

Lina Manuel, MDEI

Faculty, Lawrence Kinlin School of Business

Lina developed a Global Marketing open textbook for students enrolled in the Marketing Management, Business Administration Marketing, and International Business programs.

The previous textbook for Global Marketing was “expensive, quickly became outdated and contained many American examples”. With her new open textbook, Lina is able to make frequent updates to “stay on top of market trends” and incorporate content that contains Canadian examples and “student contributions and perspectives”.

Robert Foster

Robert Foster, MBA

Coordinator & Professor, School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Robert created Business Fundamentals for the Golf & Club Industry, an open textbook meant to complement lecture material and provide more depth and breadth to the subject matter for his students.

The textbook includes industry-specific examples and provides insight to help students relate the program’s business concepts to their future careers.

Linda Whitehead

Linda Whitehead

Professor, Recreation and Leisure Services

Linda developed Working in Play: Planning for a Career in the Recreation and Leisure Industry in Canada, an open textbook that fills the need for a Canadian, industry specific resource for the Recreation and Leisure program.

From this OER textbook, Linda created Working in Play: Exploring the Recreation and Leisure Industry, intended for prospective students to learn about the industry and job opportunities. As a professor, Linda notes that having “a resource that exactly fills your teaching needs is tremendously helpful”.

Debra Patterson

Debra Patterson

Faculty, Lawrence Kinlin School of Business

For her MGMT-5067 course, Debra was looking to replace the suggested textbook with an open textbook that could be customized for HR students.

Upon completion of Strategic Project Management for Human Resources, Debra began working on Strategic Project Management: Theory and Practice for Human Resources Professional for her MGMT-6048 course, which builds upon the first book, adding advanced content. Along with practical HR strategies, the new text would engage learners with materials and content that included theoretical perspectives, concepts, development, implementation, and evaluation. Students were involved in both development projects, with students in MGMT-6048 contributing content as part of their learning experience in the course.