EDS Searching

Basic Searching on EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)


The Basic Search Screen lets you create a search with limiters, expanders, and Boolean operators.

To search EBSCO Discovery Service:

  1. On the Basic Search Screen, enter your search terms in the Search box.



2. If desired, select to restrict your results to a Title search or an Author search using the drop-down menu beside the Search box. (Keyword is the default.)

3. If you want to refine your search results to a specific resource type, select eBooks, Books, or Journal Articles from the radio buttons.


4. If you want to use any of the optional Limiters or Expanders, click the Search Options link.


You can use a specific search mode, such as “Find all of my search terms”; apply Limiters such as Full Text; or use search options that expand your search, such as “Apply related words.”

To close the Search Options, click the link again.

5. Click the Search button. The Result List displays.


Click on the title to view the article/book details screen, or click the full-text link to view the complete article/book.

Hover your cursor over the preview icon to view article details, or click the folder icon to save the article to your personal folder.


  • The Search box is displayed above the Result List on the Search Results page.  Your search terms, limiters, and expanders are retained.
  • To revise your search, you can apply any of the limiters under Refine Results.
  • If you click the Advanced Search link, you are taken to the Advanced Search Screen with your search terms carried forward. Advanced Search allows easy access to Search Options and also provides user-friendly Boolean searching.
  • When reviewing search results for books held in Fanshawe College’s Library, you will see a real-time availability message. This message indicates whether the item is available on the shelf in the library or if it’s currently checked-out.