EZProxy FAQs

Q. What is EZProxy?

A. EZProxy is a proxy server; it rewrites your IP address making it look like you are on campus if you are not. By logging into EZProxy, you verify that you are a member of the Fanshawe community which grants you access to our e-resources & databases on- or off-campus.


Q. How do I access EZProxy?

A. You will be prompted to log into EZProxy when you click to open any of the e-resources or databases found on the Library’s website or any of the Research Guides.

To log into EZProzy, enter your Fanshawe College username & password.


Q. Can you help when my username and password aren’t working?

A. For login problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at 519-452-4430 x4357 or visit Room E2030.

If you have trouble while in the Library, please visit the Research & Data Services desk on the 1st floor, or the Help Desk in the Student Research Lab on the 2nd floor. We will help you contact the IT Help Desk.

Unfortunately Library staff does not have access to Fanshawe College usernames or passwords, so we can’t look up your information or reset passwords for you.


Q. Do I need to login when I am on campus?

A. Yes, the process is the same no matter where you are.


Q. Why do I need to login at all?

A. Most electronic resources to which the Library subscribes are only available for Fanshawe College students, staff & faculty. Each e-resources or database has an access license to which we must adhere.


Q. Why am I logged out if I close my browser?

A. Once you log into EZProxy, a cookie is sent back to your computer that says you are a member of the Fanshawe College community. As long as you keep your browser open (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), the cookie should be available. Once you close your browser, the cookie may be deleted in which case you’ll be asked to log in again.


Q. Can I use the Library’s e-resources if I’m a guest borrower or alumni?

A. Guest borrowers & alumni are not allowed off-campus access to e-resources or databases due to license restrictions. If you visit the Library, ask at the Research & Data Services desk to be signed into our e-resources via guest access while you are here.