Data Liberation Initiative (DLI)

About the DLI

The Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) is a partnership between Statistics Canada and post-secondary institutions across Canada.  This partnership grants Fanshawe researchers (students and staff) access to census and survey microdata and numerous licensed data products.

Fanshawe College is a member of the Data Liberation Initiative. The DLI Collection gives researchers from participating institutions access to census and survey microdata that is not freely available.

Statistics and data available through the DLI include:

  • Microdata from surveys such as:
    • International Travel Survey
    • Canadian Community Health Survey
    • Survey of Household Spending
    • General Social Survey
  • Census of Canada statistics at the Dissemination Area (DA) level
  • Business tools such as:
    • Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Business
    • Canadian Business Patterns
    • Inter-Corporate Ownership
  • Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, including:
    • Homicide Survey
    • Uniform Crime Reporting Survey
    • Youth Court Survey
  • Spatial products such as:
    • Digital and Cartographic Boundary Files
    • Road Network and Geographic Attribute Files

DLI data is available for Fanshawe students and faculty through Odesi.

Beyond 20/20 software may be required (free to download).