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Thematic maps for the 2021 Census Program
Age and sex, Education, Families and households, Income, Labour, Population

Census Tract Reference maps for the 2016 Census

Geographical Definitions

Geographical AreaDefinitionExamples
Census Division (CD)Groups of neighbouring municipalities joined together for regional planning and managing common services, e.g., ambulance and police services.Counties, districts, and regional municipalities, e.g., Kenora District; Oxford County; Waterloo Regional Municipality
Census Subdivision (CSD)General term applying to municipalities or their equivalent.Cities, towns, townships, villages, Indian Reserves,
e.g., London C; Simcoe T; London TP; Port Stanley VL; Kanesatake R
Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)One or more neighbouring municipalities with a population over 100,000 and an urban core over 50,000, together with urban and rural areas that have a high degree of social and economic integration with the urban core. Divided into Census Tracts.London CMA;
Kitchener CMA;
Windsor CMA
Census Agglomeration (CA)Same as CMA, but with an urban core of over 10,000. Divided into Census Tracts only if the urban core is above 50,000.Stratford CA (untracted);
Woodstock CA (untracted);
Belleville CA (tracted)
Aggregate Dissemination Area (ADA)Geographic units are composed of neighbouring dissemination areas, census subdivisions or census tracts. Target population between 5,000 and 15,000
Note: This does not apply to data collected prior to the 2016 Census.
London ADA 35390023 contains CT 0034.00 and CT 0033.00
Census Tract (CT)Small geographic units representing urban or rural communities in CMAs, and in CAs whose urban core is over 50,000. Target population: 4,000.London CT 0033.00 includes the area bounded by Waterloo, Bathurst, Central, & Adelaide.
Dissemination Areas (DA)The small area is composed of one or more neighbouring dissemination blocks. Respects CT and CSD boundaries. Target population: 500.DA 35390048 within London Census Tract 033
Designated Places (DPL)Small community or settlement without municipal status.Shakespeare;
Lion’s Head;
Chalk River
Federal Electoral Districts (FED)Any place entitled to elect representation to the House of Commons.London North Centre;
Windsor-St. Clair
Locality (LOC)Historical place names, neighbourhoods, communities, and unincorporated places.Ilderton;