Statistics & Data: By Subject

Aboriginal peoples

First Nations; Inuit; Métis; Indian Bands

Agriculture & food

farm finance; crops; livestock; food & nutrition


business finance; ownership; industry data; market research 

Communications & information

radio; television; broadcasting; internet; publishing

Construction & housing

building; housing starts; real estate

Consumer expenditures & prices

family & household spending; consumer price index

Crime & justice

courts; corrections; legal aid; police services; victims; offences; homicide

Culture & leisure

film; performing arts; recreation; sound recordings; heritage

Economic conditions

economic indicators; gross domestic product; national accounts; government finance

Education & literacy

literacy; enrolment; outcomes; attainment

Environment & energy

ecology; natural resources; pollution; waste management; power; petroleum; nuclear

Ethnicity & language

immigrants; ethnic origins; language; religion


disease; health care; hospitals; causes of death; abortion; suicide; substance abuse

Historical statistics

timelines; trends; history of nations

Human rights

activism; social justice; treaties

Immigration & migration

emigration; refugees; mobility; commuting

Income & personal finance

earnings; savings; retirement; personal taxes


employment; labour force; unions; wage gaps

Peace, conflict, terrorism

conflict; injustice; refugees

Politics & public sector

democracy; civic and political freedoms

Population & demography

population profiles; population projections; household and dwelling stats; (see also Vital Statistics)

Science & technology

research & development; information technology; biotechnology ; expenditures

Society & community

family; children; gender; seniors; social conditions; poverty


imports; exports; international merchandising; global business


aviation; urban transit; motor vehicles; roads; rail; transport safety

Travel, tourism & hospitality

trends; industry data; global market

Urban planning

urban design; regional planning; GIS; maps; boundary files

Vital statistics

births; marriages; deaths; divorces; (See also Population & Demographics)