Student Production Studio

Check out our new Student Production Studio!

The new production room can be reserved to record video, audio, photography and green screen projects.

A green screen and monitor with HDMI cable for playback and editing are available in the room.

Student production studio located in the library
Production Studio Guidelines
  • Production requests receive priority for this room and should be booked in advance
  • Room 5 is only available during staffed Library hours
  • When the Library is closed production requests are not available and the room will be locked
  • All booking requests are subject to approval; check your FanshaweOnline email for confirmation
  • If the room is not reserved for production, other groups may sign out the room as a study space by speaking with Research & Data Services staff
  • An equipment kit may be signed out from Media Services
  • Equipment kit is only available to students working in the production room; please see Media Services staff for full term & conditions
  • Students are required to provide their own SD card to save their projects

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