Student Research Needs

Supporting Student Inquiry – Library Assistance

Research projects are a standard part of post-secondary curricula and involve determining a research focus, gathering and evaluating evidence, and using it to create arguments.

Rather than directing students to the Library website and hoping that they will discover the best resources from there, you are encouraged to include specific resources that will be useful.

Research Shows:

  •    Specific databases provide better starting points than general web or library searches.
  •    These are especially useful for the retrieval of scholarly sources.
  •    If your students are novice researchers, listing specific information tools will alleviate frustration and anxiety.

Librarian/Faculty Collaboration results in:

  • The embedding of research assignments into the curriculum
  • Assignments which clearly state the research-related learning outcomes of assignments
  • Recommendations of specific research and reference tools to be utilized.

Check out this example of an Assignment Design Checklist.

Need More Info on the Research/Writing Process?

Check out the Academic Writing Guide here.

Designed with students in mind, it will be useful for you if you have questions about:

  • topic selection
  • outlining
  • research process
  • library resources
  • citation

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