Tech Help

Library Tech Help’s primary goal is to assist students in building their confidence with technology and software applications. Our coaching approach helps students learn how to tackle problems independently, preparing them for future challenges.

Meet Our Tech Help Team

Portrait of Juan

Juan Fernando Berrazueta Subia,
XR Technologist


Juan’s Tech Help Hours

Monday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tuesday: 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Wednesday: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Thursday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

What We Can Help With

What We Do Not Help With

  • Introductory computing skills.
  • Downloading Fanshawe IT software (e.g., Office 365).
  • Navigating Fanshawe applications (e.g., MyFanshawe, FanshaweOnline).
  • Using Office 365 software:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • OneNote
  • Using Google Suite (G-Suite) software:
    • Docs
    • Sheets
    • Slides
    • Forms
  • For assignments or examinations where students are required to work through steps and explore software functionality, we will only be able to point you in the direction of helpful resources.
  • Troubleshooting computer hardware issues.
  • Navigating or downloading applications on cellphones and tablets.
  • Troubleshooting Fanshawe accounts.
  • Working with confidential information.
  • Advanced software applications, such as Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, AutoCAD, etc.

For urgent issues or questions relating to hardware and laptop requirements, please contact IT Services.

Helpful Resources & Software Downloads

Microsoft 365 Portable Genius (eBook cover)

Microsoft 365 Portable Genius (eBook)

“A seasoned tech expert and trainer, author Lisa A. Bucki shows you how to build Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations the right way, as well as how to use high-impact design techniques to make your documents pop. This book answers 11 key questions about how to make the most of Microsoft 365, providing genius tips as it leads you through the essentials.”

Free Software Downloads

Free Tutorials

Self Help

Multifactor Authentication

On November 6th, 2023, Fanshawe students will be required to use multifactor authentication. The Library Learning Commons will provide one free* USB key to a limited number of eligible students.

* Fanshawe College will not replace lost MFA USB keys.

Who is eligible?

  • Students who do not own a smartphone;
  • Students whose smartphones do not meet the Microsoft Authenticator minimum requirements:
    • At least Apple iOS version 15.0 or newer (2015 or newer).
    • At least Google Android version 8.0 or newer (2017 or newer).

Students who feel they meet one of these requirements can complete and submit an online form to request a key.

Multifactor Authentication FAQ

The Microsoft Authenticator requires at least Apple iOS version 15.0 or Google Android version 8.0 or Windows 10 Mobile 14393.0. For reference this translates to iPhone devices from 2015 or newer and Android devices from 2017 or newer.

Fanshawe College recommends that all staff and students use the official Microsoft Authenticator application (Microsoft Mobile Phone Authenticator App | Microsoft Security). The Microsoft created Authenticator application will never ask for money either up front or in a subscription.

Instructions for how to sign up your MFA device are found here:

Multifactor Authentication will be required for most Fanshawe resource logins and including in some scenarios no matter what location you are logging in from. There will be times where the multifactor check will not be required, but it would be best to be prepared to complete all authentication prompts when accessing those resources, from any location or device.

Fanshawe Student: Registration of the Yubikey device would need to be done through Microsoft’s MySignIns page (My Sign-Ins | Security Info | The computer being used to register the Yubikey would also need to be connected the Fanshawe College network, to allow the smooth setup of the new key. Please make sure the computer being used to register the Yubikey is connected to Fanshawe College’s network (either Wifi or within an onsite computer lab) before setting up the security key. Alternatively you can contact the IT Service Desk (Contact Us – Fanshawe CONNECTED) to receive a Temporary Access Pass, that can be used off campus, to facilitate the security key registration through MySignIns.

Fanshawe Staff Member: For a staff member to register a Yubikey USB device you will need to get a Temporary Access Pass from the IT Service Desk to allow for the setup to go through. Please contact the IT Service Desk (Contact Us – Fanshawe CONNECTED) for further support.